2048 Bricks App Reviews

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Fun game!

Highly recommended!

Addicting game!

This is an addicting game fun good for kids I guess to learn how to count but it also has a lot of ads that need some help I can see a few ads but not as many as they have now.


Too many ads and can’t figure out to play game without getting another game to preview. Not worth it


I play repetitively. Please take my phone from me.

Can't stop playing!!

This game is addictive, best game I have tried in years.

2048 blocks


Great game


More fun than the original

More addictive than original 2048 , very enjoyable, love it!

2048 Bricks

Can’t put it down !!


Sm fun

Innocent game gone corporate

2048 is fun. This game is fun. But I can’t put up with their dumb ad system. While you are playing there will be an ad at ALL TIMES just sitting there and god forbid if you click it by accident. The game keeps going so your in some terrible situation after the 10 seconds of agony. Want to pause? To bad your seeing an ad for PUBG Mobile first then your at the pause screen with yet another PUBG Mobile ad taking up the bottom 1/3 of the screen. Oh yeah sometimes an ad appears for no seeming reason too. (When I say PUBG Mobile it can apply to whatever company payed then but currently it’s only that). There is no sort of volume control for video ads either. Someone was talking to me from downstairs so I paused the game only to not hear the rest of what they said and had to have them repeat it because PUBG. Oh yeah and the game will sometimes lag for no reason either. OH YEAH game overs. You can watch an ad to get various benefits uhg. It cost to remove the ads too. The game is fun but still stay away before you just give them more paper to light their cigars with

Very addictive

This is really a good and very addictive game. It’s perfect to kill the boredom.

Decent game

But no option to restore purchases. If you pay to remove ads, you don’t get it back on reinstall. Even more disappointing, it doesn’t remove all ads. Next time call it, remove some ads for $x.xx. I don’t have time for these 30 second ads.

Great but....

Enjoyable but it keeps crashing my phone!

Great game... until it stops you midgame like you’ve lost...

Loved this. Played regularly- until today I’m playing midgame and it played a 30 second ad... which is only for when you lost but want to continue the current game. I didn’t know what happened since I was doing well... waited out the ad, thinking it’s a glitch but I’ll at least be able to continue my current game. Nope. Takes me to main screen...

Paid for no ads... still have ads

Excellent game; love it! Paid for no ads and they still pop up, sooooo... 3 stars

Great unless you reset your phone

Do not reset your phone you will loose all your progress

Force closes

Force closes and loses any progress you have made. I love this game, but it's not worth it to play anymore.

This type is awesome

There os 2 types of 2048 games from Ketchapp and this one is by far the best one, but I got both games on my phone lol

Great game!

Honestly nothing to complain about. I really like the concept of this game, still very addicting, and I haven’t experienced any bugs so far. I actually got hooked on what turned out to be a knockoff of this game before I even knew this one existed, and one thing that caught my eye about this one was the great amount of polish compared to the knockoff. This game is jam packed with ads and they tend to bog down some things like frame rate, but it’s relatively cheap to remove them. Over all I really enjoy this game, and it’s a great time killer; I highly recommend!

A Brainteaser to be Remembered

I enjoyed this game a lot! I admire how it was build to challenge the brain and give the player limited time to think about their next move based off of the block that will be used next. It has helped me think about what happens next in the game itself AND every day life. I love that every time I fail, I come back knowing so much more and my strategies get better. I’ve raced with some of my friends that knew how to strategize and boy, were we all neck to neck! I ended up becoming one of the last to loose. Enough about me though! This is a review about the game! Everything above can be summarized in 4 syllables: Fun for the brain. I ❤️ this game, and I’m telling my teachers, other friends, and long line of family about this brainteaser!

Almost too easy

I love the game but it lacks the challenge of the original I won on my first try

Great fun

It keeps your mind sharp as well as loads of fun! The only downfall is it's addictive😁

Easy fun

Game should get faster as time goes on for more challenge

Awesome game but gesture problems

Love the game, kind of 2048 meets Tetris. Unfortunately, there is a glitch with gestures. When sliding a brick sideways, if the player moves their finger even slightly down, the brick falls. Very frustrating and ruins what would be a great experience. Hopefully the developer resolved the problem.

Fun, but very glitchy

It's a good game, very addictive too. Whenever I switch between apps, and have it paused on and off, the game will not respond and I will have to restart the app frequently. After that some of the same bricks are touching but it doesn't double. Fun game, but frustrating glitches. EDIT I just had another weird glitch. It was flashing tap to play here and making weird clicking noises in the middle of a game? Then it took me back to the home screen and resumed my game. Very strange 🤔

My god, I get it you need to make money

This app smacks you in the face with ads. I get it. You need to make money but come on, back it down a bit.

I super love this game.

Just when you think you’ve got a great strategy, you abandon that idea for a new one. It’s ridiculously fun!

Diverting, but buggy and power hungry

This app uses an incredible amount of battery power, and the bugs make it frustrating to play,


addicting but it slows down and i often have to kill the app and reopen because of the lag. fix that and will give five stars!

Garbage App

Not much more to say than the subject. Terrible reboot of Tetris that has inconsistent game play and often requires that the device be restarted after pausing. I've played this game on multiple devices - all less than one year old - and had the same issues. Similar problems with the "continue" option make playing this game more annoying than anything. Else.

This is almost the perfect puzzle game

Sometimes the blocks don’t move left or right, they just drop and it messes me up! I still got a score of 3771304 and I was going to continue to play today but I bumped the HUGE BUTTON to end the game and ALL my hard work was KILLED because the STUPID end current game button is right in the middle of the screen!!!! You should at least ask “are you sure?” I am so disappointed!


Great game

Great mindless time killer

Only bug is that sometimes the app freezes after ad when switching back to it mid game. Force stop fixes. Otherwise a 5.


Soooo goooooood

Easy, fun, not many ads

This is a pretty awesome game. Very easy to play. No ads unless you choose to watch to stay playing.

It’ll test you to your limit

It’ll test your belief and attention and keeps you on your toes. So fun

Addicting game - too many ads!

Wish this game had an option to buy out of ads. Very addicting!

Great game but app needs work

Absolutely love the game but the app lags and often will freeze on the pause screen

Powers of 2

Fun and relaxing game based on powers of 2

Inconvenient ads

Ads simply pops up during gameplay. I’m deleting all your games because they all have this problem.

Rip off

I paid to remove the ads and they are still there!? Rip off

Love it!

Great game! Can’t put it down!

Super fun! But please fix this problem

Hi! If you love 2048 and Tetris games, you’ll love 2048 Bricks. But I’d love to see the developers fix this issue: I accidentally click on the banner ads from time to time. Sometimes the game pauses and sometimes the game continues behind the ad. I don’t mind the ads - hey, I know how they pay for this game to be “free”... but it stinks coming back to the game and finding bricks stacked up the center... Thanks for a great game!


The game is good but it crashes every time an ad comes up (which is a lot)

Very addicting

Have had lots of fun and developed a strategy. No problems yet


Me encanta el juego pero no me gusta que no le puedo quitar los anuncios. No encuentro la configuración para comprar el juego y evitar perder tiempo con los anuncios.


I love the game when it works properly, but sometimes it freezes and glitches and drops blocks in the wrong spot.

Pass on this one

This game is so heavily bogged down with ads and pop ups that the first 45 seconds to a minute of play are so behind and laggy your moves might as well be random. When you cram so many ads into your game it literally isn’t playable at some points, you’ve gone wrong.

Need better control

Would be a very fun game if it were not for the frustratingly inaccurate (at times) touch controls.

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