2048 Bricks App Reviews

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Life’s a Glitch

This game is fun, but Super glitchy. The game freezes randomly and when it comes back, the pieces have fallen. The ads will pop up in the middle of a game and the game continues even though you can’t see your screen.

Good game

Soooo addicting

Needs improvements

I love the game but it malfunctions quite often. It either freezes or loses control. It also drains battery to the point my phone heats up after playing 2 games. I am a big fan of the game itself so waiting for the updated version.


The game has the most ridiculously long ads- even when you try and just pause a game. Yea you read this right, not to end a game, pause a game. If you leave the app and then come back- the game glitches pretty bad so good luck !!



Fun game. Awful app.

Crashes and doesn’t save your game. Too frustrating to play.

This game is addicting

My mom is so addicted to the game that it takes away time with her. Please get rid of game!

Too many adds

This is a great game but I am ready to quit using it because of the adds for other games. It is ridiculous what they expose you to. Wise up Ketchapp or we will dump you !!!!!!

This Game Is Challenging

I like this game because it’s more challenging than the other 2048 game. There’s no ads in it, Another Good Thing. 2048 Bricks is like 2048 and Tetris mixed together. Just One Catch, Katchapp should put different modes of speed. This speed is pretty fast and challenging which is a good thing.


addicted to this game.

Love the game, always shuts off

I really enjoy this game but I’m tired of it shutting off. Once I get to one 8,192 block it shuts off. This has happened multiple times, forcing me to start over. I think it’s a lot more fun than the original 2048 game but I really wish it would stop screwing me over and forcing the app off.

So Addictive!


Love the original

This game won’t load and when it does it will just quit randomly! Had to delete the game since what’s the point of having a game app if it doesn’t load at all!

Awesomely addictive

Game provides the thrills for a nonstop action of stacking wisely or else. I was hoping the blocks increase in value as you advance into higher score. Plan for hours at a time if planning on playing.

Great game

Fun game


Great game, but I hate when adds pop up while you are playing.


What’s with the flashing buttons. I mean it’s a fun game otherwise but that flashing stuff gave me a headache.

Frustrating in a bad way

The game takes a while to get the score higher, which is fine, but there are glitches. I was playing, with a great score, and all the blocks super low and it just ended the game for no reason. This happens too often. There’s also issues with the blocks just dropping even though you didn’t tap.

Fix ads

Yeeeah, if we could have an ad system that DOESN’T randomly pop up on slower connections and kick you out of your game, that’d be great. I’ve nearly beat my high score three times, and every time I’ve gotten booted by an ad, and when I finally manage to close it, my game has ended. I appreciate ketchapp ads for not being the videos and stuff, but maybe put them at the end of games instead. EDIT: ITS THE FREAKING MORTGAGE AD. ROCKET MORTGAGE.

Great game need some adjustments

Thanks for the great game if this game still supported here are some ideas : 1- give us more bricks higher than 64 when reaching very high score (104000 is my best ) 2- give us an option to remove or speedup animation when bricks are being fashioned

Best game ever

The only bad thing about this game is how addictive it is.


I love this game it’s so addictive tho. And there’s a lot of ads but other than that it’s so much fun and I really think that you should get this game.

Too many ads!

Just when you think you are having fun... ads everywhere... no thanks!

Super addictive!

Definitely would recommend! Sure there are a few ads but that comes with all games. It adds a fun twist to the traditional 2048!


This game is definitely a boredom breaker. I’m really enjoying it and trying to find tricks for stacking.

A fun game

It's a very fun game like you have to really concentrate but it needs to be a little bit more slow but overall good game

Not acceptable

Paid for no ads. Still have ads!

This type is awesome

There is 2 types of 2048 games from Ketchapp and this one is by far the best one, but I got both games on my phone lol. Moi j’aime bien ce jeu sa me destresse bien

Fun game!

Highly recommended!

Addicting game!

This is an addicting game fun good for kids I guess to learn how to count but it also has a lot of ads that need some help I can see a few ads but not as many as they have now.


Too many ads and can’t figure out to play game without getting another game to preview. Not worth it


I play repetitively. Please take my phone from me.

Can't stop playing!!

This game is addictive, best game I have tried in years.

2048 blocks


Great game


More fun than the original

More addictive than original 2048 , very enjoyable, love it!

2048 Bricks

Can’t put it down !!


Sm fun

Innocent game gone corporate

2048 is fun. This game is fun. But I can’t put up with their dumb ad system. While you are playing there will be an ad at ALL TIMES just sitting there and god forbid if you click it by accident. The game keeps going so your in some terrible situation after the 10 seconds of agony. Want to pause? To bad your seeing an ad for PUBG Mobile first then your at the pause screen with yet another PUBG Mobile ad taking up the bottom 1/3 of the screen. Oh yeah sometimes an ad appears for no seeming reason too. (When I say PUBG Mobile it can apply to whatever company payed then but currently it’s only that). There is no sort of volume control for video ads either. Someone was talking to me from downstairs so I paused the game only to not hear the rest of what they said and had to have them repeat it because PUBG. Oh yeah and the game will sometimes lag for no reason either. OH YEAH game overs. You can watch an ad to get various benefits uhg. It cost to remove the ads too. The game is fun but still stay away before you just give them more paper to light their cigars with

Very addictive

This is really a good and very addictive game. It’s perfect to kill the boredom.

Decent game

But no option to restore purchases. If you pay to remove ads, you don’t get it back on reinstall. Even more disappointing, it doesn’t remove all ads. Next time call it, remove some ads for $x.xx. I don’t have time for these 30 second ads.

Great but....

Enjoyable but it keeps crashing my phone!

Great game... until it stops you midgame like you’ve lost...

Loved this. Played regularly- until today I’m playing midgame and it played a 30 second ad... which is only for when you lost but want to continue the current game. I didn’t know what happened since I was doing well... waited out the ad, thinking it’s a glitch but I’ll at least be able to continue my current game. Nope. Takes me to main screen...

Paid for no ads... still have ads

Excellent game; love it! Paid for no ads and they still pop up, sooooo... 3 stars

Great unless you reset your phone

Do not reset your phone you will loose all your progress

Force closes

Force closes and loses any progress you have made. I love this game, but it's not worth it to play anymore.

Great game!

Honestly nothing to complain about. I really like the concept of this game, still very addicting, and I haven’t experienced any bugs so far. I actually got hooked on what turned out to be a knockoff of this game before I even knew this one existed, and one thing that caught my eye about this one was the great amount of polish compared to the knockoff. This game is jam packed with ads and they tend to bog down some things like frame rate, but it’s relatively cheap to remove them. Over all I really enjoy this game, and it’s a great time killer; I highly recommend!

A Brainteaser to be Remembered

I enjoyed this game a lot! I admire how it was build to challenge the brain and give the player limited time to think about their next move based off of the block that will be used next. It has helped me think about what happens next in the game itself AND every day life. I love that every time I fail, I come back knowing so much more and my strategies get better. I’ve raced with some of my friends that knew how to strategize and boy, were we all neck to neck! I ended up becoming one of the last to loose. Enough about me though! This is a review about the game! Everything above can be summarized in 4 syllables: Fun for the brain. I ❤️ this game, and I’m telling my teachers, other friends, and long line of family about this brainteaser!

Almost too easy

I love the game but it lacks the challenge of the original I won on my first try

Great fun

It keeps your mind sharp as well as loads of fun! The only downfall is it's addictive😁

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